Workshops - Women

Strong Women/Strategic Performance: Negotiation for Women
Many women feel competent and powerful in their area of expertise. However, when entering into a negotiation, some begin to feel as if they are playing in a game where they donít know the rules. This workshop provides participants with skills to succeed in accomplishing their goals in challenging interpersonal situations. Participants will be introduced to techniques synthesized from negotiation, leadership and theater training to help them be more effective. They will learn how to articulate a clear purpose, think tactically, land their message, be heard, enhance personal presence, manage hot moments, and use alliances politically. Participants will leave with a superior sense of how to think strategically about their professional opportunities Ė and act with success.

Leading Change: Strategies for Women
Many highly successful women can easily identify what changes need to happen for their organization to succeed, but find it difficult to lead others to confront the challenges facing their group. The goal of this workshop is to increase the capabilities of powerful women to effect change within their organization. Participants will learn how to differentiate types of challenges, understand how roles determine strategies, identify the pressures behind the resistance to change, and learn how to make effective interventions. Participants will leave with new strategies — theoretical, psychological, and physical — for successfully leading change in their institution or organization.

Get Your Voice on the Table:
Physical & Vocal Presence at the Meeting

Whether speaking in public, facilitating a discussion, or participating in a meeting, women often find themselves not heard in the way that they had hoped. This workshop focuses on specific vocal skills that the theater artist practices which are designed to help participants be more effective as presenters, leaders or negotiators. Topics also include exercises in confidence building, body language, and strategic thinking. The goal is to be heard and understood so that we can successfully convey complex and important concepts to our listeners in both our professional and our daily lives.

Individual Coaching
Topics may include leadership and negotiation challenges, presentation and communication skills (purpose, organization, use of language and/or PowerPoint, data presentation, storytelling), confidence and presence, accent acquisition or reduction, vocal power and clarity.

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