Workshops - Public Policy & Leadership

Public Speaking as a Performing Art
Speakers whose content is “data driven” often find that audiences can’t quite understand their complex ideas and images. This workshop offers specific skills from the theater to help the public policy leader become a more effective presenter, whether in a large auditorium, a small meeting room, or in one-on-one communication. With a particular focus on the best uses of PowerPoint, topics also include connection to audience; body language, gesture and movement; purpose and passion; structure and timing; managing stage fright; voice, speech and articulation; as well as how to bring your data to life with stories and metaphors. The goal is to become more clear and persuasive, getting your ideas to stick and your words to have a lasting impact.

Finding Your Voice: Storytelling for Adaptive Leadership
Storytelling can be a powerful tactic for crossing communication boundaries. When we speak specifically and personally, our listeners may respond with physical/emotional understanding of our common human experience. This workshop will help you identify your best stories, clarify their purpose and structure, use gesture and voice to reveal characters, relationships and events, and bring sensory details to life. Your storytelling skills will open your authentic self to your constituencies, bring your content to life, and help your exercise of leadership be more personal and effective.

Individual Coaching
Topics may include presence, communication skills, data presentation, story development, vocal power and clarity, or coaching for specific presentations or leadership challenges (purpose, organization, use of language and/or PowerPoint.)

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