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Powerful Teaching: From Active Presentation to Active Learning
When teaching a course, giving a lecture or leading a seminar, educators often focus more on how much content can be delivered and less on how much is actually being learned. This workshop is designed to help teachers increase their studentsí learning outcomes by using theater and performance techniques. Topics include the physical experience of communication (connection to audience, vocal expression and body language), personal connection to material, pedagogical tactics (interactive, partnered, team, experiential) in relation to purpose, structure and timing, as well as how to bring your material to life with metaphors and stories. The goal is to increase your studentsí success through your dynamic, personal, creative and embodied teaching.

Individual Coaching
Topics may include examination and practice of pedagogical tactics; presentation and communication skills (purpose, organization, use of language and/or PowerPoint, data presentation, storytelling); confidence and presence; accent acquisition or reduction; vocal power and clarity.

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